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Hoe. Slut. Skank. Those were all words that Ms. Dreka Hendrix has been called over the past few months ever since she landed her a job at Sin City. Sin City is a major strip club here in Miami Florida. While most people are there trying to showcase their talents, Dreka is there only because it is her last resort. She's raising a six-year-old daughter by the name of Charisma, and doing whatever she has to do to provide for her and her child. In comes the new club manager, Seth Roberts. Seth immediately sees something in Dreka, but the only thing that keeps them apart is the fact that Seth is married. Will Seth give up on his marriage to pursue Dreka? Find out if Dreka has what it takes to go from the pole to the palace.

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Diamond Johnson

Hey! My name is Diamond Johnson and I'm 22 years old. I'm from Miami, Florida and I enjoy reading, especially Urban Fiction. I started reading Urban fiction when I was in the 8th grade. I knew when I was in the 10th grade that I wanted to write a book of my own and I finally did it! Some of my favorite authors and people I hope to eventually write as good as they do is Wahida Clark, Nika Michelle, and Shavon Moore. Even as a child, my elementary teacher would always tell me how much of a strong writer that I was. I'm currently attending Broward College, taking up an interest in Elementary Education. I plan to continue on with my writing, in hopes that my work will keep you guys interested and wanting more.

To my readers, I appreciate you guys so much because you keep me motivated with the positivity. Words can express the feeling I get after receiving an email from one of you, expressing how much you loved my book. By the way, feel free to add me on any of my social media pages.

Email: dedej_671@yahoo.com

Facebook: Author Diamond Johnson

Instagram: _diiamondddd_

Twitter: _beautifulllll_

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