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Can a snowstorm in Jubilee change Ava Monroe's life forever?When Ava Monroe's escape to the Blue Ridge Mountains takes a treacherous turn, she finds herself stranded in a snowstorm, her world upended on a desolate mountain road. With her beloved boxer dog missing and her car buried in snow, hope seems lost until Deputy Jack Sullivan emerges through the forest - a strapping, lumberjack-like figure, who is as tough and abrasive as the winter elements.In the quaint town of Jubilee, Georgia, Ava's tearful plight on the mountain is just the beginning. Jack, with his gruff exterior and a heart of hidden depth, reluctantly aids her search for her missing dog. His tough demeanor challenges Ava, yet his unexpected acts of kindness begin to pierce through the haze of her tumultuous escape.

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Rachel Hanna

Rachel Hanna is a USA Today Bestselling Author and lifelong resident of north Georgia. She writes women's fiction, clean contemporary small town romance and stories about Southerners. Her quirky characters and emotional storylines are a favorite of readers.She's been married for over 22 years and has three kids, all of whom are technically adults but still need money sometimes. :) In addition, she has two rescue doggies and one very snotty outdoor cat who truly believes he owns the place.If you want to be transported to the South and you like phrases like "fixin' to" and "bless her heart"- plus the additional talk of peach cobbler and grits - you'll fall in love with these stories!Visit my website at https://rachelhannaauthor.com/

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