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From the acclaimed author of The Orphan of Salt Winds, The Whispering House, and The House in the Orchard comes a passionate and fateful story of love, betrayal, and the rewards -- and costs -- of following your heart. At the height of the Second World War in England, twenty-two year old Nina Woodrow joins the British Royal Air Force and rebels against her careful upbringing by embarking on an illicit affair with an officer. She risks losing everything for Guy Nicholson: her comfortable home, her childhood friends, and, especially, the love of her father, an enigmatic widower. Meanwhile, in the sleepy village where Nina grew up, where the upheavals of war seem far away and divorce remains taboo, Kate Nicholson struggles to cope with her new role as the wronged wife.

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Elizabeth Brooks

Elizabeth Brooks was born in Chester. She read Classics at Newnham College, Cambridge. She lives on the Isle of Man with her husband and two children, and she is the author of 'Call of the Curlew' (UK) / 'The Orphan of Salt Winds' (USA) .

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