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Meet Delia. Gifted. Magical. Broken. Hell hath no fury like Delia Caibre - Gifted single mom with the power to make people love her, and a chip on her shoulder the size of the Mississippi. When last summer left her broken by a monster, and abandoned by the man she trusted, Delia pulled herself up and vowed to never let anyone hurt her, or those she loves, again. So when Thomas Richard shows up, begging forgiveness and flashing his hundred-watt-smile, Delia lets him know that it will take more than dimples and promises to win her back.Besides, raising her daughter, Genevieve - whose Gift is rare and stronger than anyone in the magical Caibre family - leaves little room for things like dating. But Thomas is persistent. And cute ... and it would be nice to feel carefree and nineteen.

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Em Shotwell

Em Shotwell is a cancer survivor, foster care advocate, part time geek, and nomad at heart. Sometimes she writes about oddballs and the weirdos who love them. Her debut novel, Blackbird Summer, is available now. Visit her online at www.EmShotwell.com

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