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Marquis and Alexander have always had it rough. Their single mother, Carolyn, works hard to make ends meet, and though they are grateful, they are growing tired of eating beans and rice, sharing three pairs of pants between the two of them, and being the outcasts at school. So when an opportunity to make easy money fast and help their family get out of the hood presents itself, Marquis gladly accepts, keeping it a secret from all who love him except for his new partner in crime, Alex.With all this money, the Williams Brothers have everything they have ever wanted: nice clothes, women, and money to share with their family. But will they be able to continue their deception and enjoy their newfound wealth, or will they find it costs them the things in life that are really important to them?.

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Dwan Williams

Dwan Williams is the newest author signed to Good2go Publishing. His debut hit series Connected to the Plug has received rave reviews. To receive new release update text messages to your mobile phone text Good2go to 31996

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