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"What does Dudley do all day while we're away?" Sam wonders. Mom explains that Dudley does ordinary dog things: he eats, naps, guards the house, and plays. But in Sam's mind, Dudley's day at home is anything but ordinary. Delightful digital paintings depict the human activities Sam imagines Dudley is doing - which don't quite match Mom's explanations. Dudley's Day at Home is a funny, fetching picture book that uses minimal text and maximal visual storytelling to share a day in a dog's life.

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Karen Kaufman Orloff

Karen Kaufman Orloff has written many books for children including "I Wanna Iguana," (G.P. Putnam, 2004) , "I Wanna New Room," (G.P. Putnam, Dec., 2010) , and "I Wanna Go Home" (G.P. Putnam, 2014) . Other books include "If Mom Had Three Arms," (Sterling, 2006) , "Talk Oscar, Please!" (Sterling, March 2011) , and three "Nightlight Detective" books from Peter Pauper Press. Her latest book, "Miles of Smiles" came out in April, 2017, from Sterling. Two new books published by Sterling are forthcoming -- "Goodnight Little Bot" in October, 2017, and "Some Days," in 2018. She also writes a humorous column on family life every other week for "The Poughkeepsie Journal." Visit her websites: www.karenkaufmanorloff.com and www.iwannabooks.com or contact her at orloff@bestweb.net.

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