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When Ava wakes up in an empty hotel room to find her husband missing, she must question her own responsibility in his disappearance. He has been accused of a reprehensible crime and up until this moment everything she thought about him and their life together could well be a lie. When she digs into his whereabouts, Ava comes face to face with her own past indiscretions and realizes that her past may be coming back to haunt both of them.Inside V is a novel of trust and deception, a dark look inside of a marriage that started as an affair, and the deep distrust that evolves from that initial infidelity. A must read for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.

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Paula Priamos

Paula Priamos was born and raised in Southern California by her late larger-than-life Greek defense attorney father with whom she decided to stay with after her parents divorced and her mother and siblings moved to the South. She is married and lives in the San Bernardino Mountains with her husband. She is the author of The Shyster's Daughter: a Memoir and the forthcoming novel Inside V. Website is http://www.paulapriamos.com

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