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Metallica is back with their first album in almost a decade!

With James Hetfield at the helm, Metallica went from being thrash pioneers to heavy metal gods. He overcame adolescent upheaval and personal demons - including his parents' divorce, his mother's untimely death and severe alcoholism - to become metal's biggest star.

So Let It Be Written does justice to the many hats Hetfield has worn, with his strong leadership, signature vocal style, powerful guitar-playing and masterful songwriting. Author Mark Eglinton uses exclusive, firsthand interviews - with prominent rock stars and key figures in Hetfield's life - to construct the definitive account of Hetfield.

"Hopefully this book will rekindle certain special memories about one of metal's most charismatic and important individuals." - Chuck Billy of Testament

Mark Eglinton is the co-writer of Official Truth, 101 Proof by Pantera's Rex Brown and Confessions of a Heretic by Behemoth's Adam Nergal Darski. Chuck Billy is the singer of Testament.

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