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London is devastated after two acts of terror within days of each other. After a chance meeting between Kyle McBride and one of the jihadists, they take direct aim on Kyle and hurt one of his own instead. Kyle goes on the defensive, and he knows the game better than the terrorists could ever guess. Before long he discovers their plan to raid a nuclear weapons depot.Alan Durant is an disillusioned young jihadist given the task of the decoy, who must distract and lure defending forces away from the targeted nukes. Can Kyle turn him and learn enough details of the pending attack to halt the operation in time to prevent a massive jihadi victory over the West? Will the help of some pals from Kyle's days as a "spook" be enough to overcome obstacles that to most would be insurmountablePolice corruption in cover-ups, intrigue, murder and terrorist bombings all factor into this modern-day thriller.

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