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High society... is about to come back Down to earth. Mike is obsessed with wealthy housewife Sasha who is married. But Mike is oblivious to the fact, believing that one day she'll be his and his alone. Sasha's become accustomed to a certain lifestyle however and views Mike's little crush on her as cute but inconvenient. She definitely isn't willing to give up her life at home where she gets just about everything a girl could ask for. Well... except one thing. Which incidentally is exactly what keeps her from breaking it off with Mike. Meanwhile two husbands Kevin and Morgan face life-altering consequences when the former wife is murdered. Leading him down a path of guilt and self-loathing as the investigation threatens to expose all his dirty secrets. While the latter Morgan, takes a dark turn when his web of infidelities begin to unravel against him.

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Ernest Morris

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Many who know him call EJ Morris "The Urban Fiction Literary Guru". EJ made his first entry into the literary world in 2014 with his debut novel, Flippin Numbers. Growing up on the hard streets of Pennsylvania, his urban writing skills came natural. He found the love of writing at an early age when he started using it as an outlet to relieve some stress. It wasn't until later in life that he realized that his passion for writing was his destiny. He then took a leap of faith and signed with Good2Go Publishing. He is appreciated for his story-telling throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania where he currently resides. His mission is to take the urban literary world by storm one reader at a time. Email him at g2g@good2gopublishing.com. Join his group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Good2goPublishing/

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