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After being beaten and left for dead, Steven finds himself stranded alongside the 101 in a small Northern California town. When a mysterious stranger named Quinn offers a hand in exchange for help reuniting with his daughter in San Francisco, Steven gets in the car and begins a journey from which there is no return. Quinn has an agenda all his own and he's unleashing vengeance at each stop along his path. With a coked-up sadist ex-cop chasing Quinn, and two mismatched small town cops chasing the ex-cop, Steven is unaware of the violent tempest brewing. Corrupt cops and death-dealing gangsters manipulate the maze each of them must navigate to get to the one thing they're all after: Teresa, the girl holding the secret that will rip open a decades-old scandal and scorch San Francisco's City Hall.

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Tom Pitts

Tom Pitts received his education on the streets of San Francisco. He remains there, working, writing, and trying to survive. The new edition of his novel, HUSTLE, is out now from Down & Out Books. His novellas, Piggyback (Snubnose Press) and Knuckleball (One Eye Press) , are available now.
His new novel, American Static, will be released by Down & Out Books in June 2017
Find links to more of his work at: TomPittsAuthor.com

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