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Stone in a garden adds an authentic feeling that nothing else can match. Whether it is a low wall, a standing stone, a dry stream or a walk, stone enlivens a space and adds a sense of permanence. Until recently, stone was an overlooked element in the landscape, but now we are rediscovering this most ancient of materials. Isamu Noguchi, the artist and landscape designer, summed it up nicely, "Any gardener will tell you that it is the rocks that make a garden. They call them the 'bones' of the garden."

In The Spirit of Stone, award-winning landscape designer Jan Johnsen presents a richly photographed, authoritative guide to creative and practical uses for stone and gravel in the landscape: rock gardens, steps, drainage areas, paths, garden walls, benches, and more. Stone's durability, coupled with its sustainable uses, make it especially appealing to homeowners looking for innovative ideas for conserving water and keeping it on site. A special chapter is devoted to plants and stones to showcase how these two complement each other beautifully in a garden.

The Spirit of Stone is an essential idea book for anyone looking to add dimension to their outdoor space - the down-to-earth tips and descriptive photos will inspire designers,gardeners, stonemasons, and homeowners alike.

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