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Facing summer with her two boys, ages ten and seven, Pam Lobley was sifting through signups for swim team, rec camp, night camp, scout camp, and enrichment classes. Overwhelmed at the choices, she asked her sons what they wanted to do during summer: "Soccer? Zoo School? Little Prodigy's Art Club?" "Why can't we just play?" they asked. A summer with no scheduled activities at all...The thought was tempting, but was it possible? It would be like something out of the 1950's. Could they really have a summer like that? Juggling the expectations of her husband ("Are you going to wear garters?") , her son Sam ("I'm bored!") , and her other son, Jack ("Can I just stay in my pajamas?") , Pam sets out to give her kids an old-fashioned summer.

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Pam Lobley

Pam Lobley began her career as an actress and comedian. She wrote and performed in many improv and sketch comedy shows in New York City, appeared in commercials, worked as a hand model, and wrote several plays.

Her humor columns have appeared in many national newspapers and websites, and she wrote regularly for "The Bergen Record" for three years. Some of her funniest and favorite columns from those years are now available in her book "Better Living Through Chaos". She lives in New Jersey with her family and a lot of stuff she really needs to throw away.

Visit www.pamlobley.com to learn more about her or read her latest blog.

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