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Stevia is the world s only all-natural, calorie-free, non-glycemic herbal sweetener. Stevia is a leafy green herb with a strong, sugary flavor. Most people don t believe it until they taste it. For centuries, the Guarani tribes of Paraguay have grown and loved these candy-flavored leaves, benefiting daily from the natural health stevia provides. They call it kaa-jhee, which means "honey leaf."

The Stevia Solution Cookbook provides information on how to cultivate, grow, purchase, and use stevia in your everyday cooking and includes more than sixty full-color images.

The health benefits of stevia include: -Stevia has no calories, chemicals, or carbs. -Stevia protects against type-II diabetes. -Stevia is an anti-inflammatory. -Stevia helps prevent cavities.

The author, Caleb Warnock, is the author of multiple self-reliance books, including the Familius Backyard Renaissance Collection.

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