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Tackling one of life's greatest mysteries, Rabbi Ben Kamin examines the diverse
ways we mourn the death of a loved one. Drawn from his forty-plus years of coun- seling the
bereaved, Kamin uses parables and stories to provide thoughtful in- sights on how to encounter and
endure heartbreaking loss. He further stresses the importance of addressing grief in the present
moment or risk harming our physi- cal, emotional, and spiritual health.

* Rabbi Kamin offers solace and spiritual guidance on how to mourn in a productive and healthy
* A simple spiritual guide for those looking for reassurance about how to live and move forward
after a loved one dies.
* Appeals to a wide range of readers with an agnostic "spiritual not religious"

About the Author

Ben Kamin

Ben Kamin is a nationally-known clergyman, teacher, counselor, and the prize-winning author of eleven books on human values, civil rights, and spirituality. He is a credentialed scholar and educator on the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He has led congregations in Toronto, New York, Cleveland, San Diego, and Laguna Woods, Ca. since his ordination in 1978. He has published hundreds of articles about community life in newspapers around the world, ranging from The New York Times to The International Herald-Tribune. He has been quoted in the Ann Landers column and in The Congressional Record. He appears frequently on radio and television and serves on several national boards dealing with community affairs and interfaith relations. Rabbi Kamin holds the degree of Doctor of Divinity from Hebrew Union College.

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