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Thaddeus Rutkowski is the original language gangster. He tips over words and lets them fall on top of you. Take a trip through the funny funnel of Rutkowski's crazed and crazy world and you'll feel the heartbeat of a personal crisis that's not too far gone to save. Ed Lin, author of Ghost Month Thaddeus Rutkowski's flash collection skirts the edge of psychological revelation, with hints of darker meaning coursing below the surface like a pike in a goldfish pond. This is a slyly comic and deeply honest account of the pleasures and discomforts of life as an outsider in contemporary America. Max Blagg, author of Slow Dazzle Thaddeus Rutkowski's voice has grabbed me for years, and with Violent Outbursts he accomplishes this again. I become the reader as listener, confidante to family secrets, to family sorrow and mystery.

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