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To celebrate her 75th birthday, Linda Gray, the iconic star of Dallas and timeless beauty, is sharing her road map to happiness in her revelatory memoir.When Linda Gray, iconic star of Dallas, was twenty years old, a magazine editor coldly rejected her as a model, writing that, perhaps one day, "you might shape into something." Since then, Linda has been evolving and growing, and has shaped into a role model for women of every age in her grace, beauty, generosity, and wisdom. She's been through more pain and tragedy than her longtime fans realize, having suffered paralyzing polio as a child, growing up with an alcoholic mother, landing in a emotionally abusive marriage at twenty-two and living by her husband's rules for sixteen years before she openly rebelled against him to take an acting class.

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Linda Gray

I lived 'off-the-land' for over a decade while bringing up my children, and I love to share my practical experiences with everyone who wants to improve their lifestyle, or anyone who's prepared to listen! I've published a number of books, and am currently writing Kindle books as I'm a big fan of having great information at your fingertips. There are mini guides to growing various vegetables - great if you only want to grow a few carrots and don't want to buy the whole gardening book. And herb books that will transport you into a herbal wonderland of magical plants.My website is growing in helpful blog posts and lists all my books and projects, including some free downloads. http://www.healthylivingbooks.org/Join my Healthy Living Books page on Facebook so you don't miss new posts https://bit.ly/2s5Eq2aLast year I launched a new project that's going global already :-) The Ekokids have their own Facebook page and welcome you to pop over and see what's going on whenever you feel like it ... following the organic approach, I figured toys that inspire and encourage imagination without adding more plastic to oceans and landfills must be a good thing

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