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Did you know that animals that live in one country don't always talk the same language as animals from somewhere else? Take a rooster, for instance. In English-speaking countries, he says cock-a-doodle-doo when he has a notion to announce himself or to greet the dawn. But in Spanish-speaking countries, he says ki-kiri-ki. Emerging readers will delight in identifying the animals depicted on each new page. And the bilingual text invites parent and child into an interactive and playful reading experience for acting out animal sounds in English and Spanish.

Craftsman Rubí Fuentes and Efraín Broa from the Mexican state of Oaxaca fill the pages of Animal Talk with vibrant, wildly imaginative figures of familiar animals.

Animal Talk is the fifth book in Cynthia Weill's charming First Concepts in Mexican Folk Art series. It is her passion to promote the work of artisans from around the world through early concept books.

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Cynthia Weill

Thank you for your interest in my books! My work features the handicrafts of artisans from Mexico and Vietnam. The books teach children basic concepts such as letters, numbers, opposites and colors. The illustrations are handmade from wood, ceramics, tin, papier mache etc. It takes about a month to make many of the pieces. I am proud to be able to showcase the work of artists who might otherwise remain anonymous and recognize them for their lifetime achievement.

My work has developed from years of being a classroom teacher. I also worked in humanitarian assistance and am trained as an art historian. I hold a doctorate from Teachers College Columbia University.

You can read more about me at wwww.cynthiaweill.net. For lesson plans and pdfs about ABeCedarios, Opuestos, Colores de la vida and Count me in! go to www.cincopuntos.com. Click on the specific book icon. You can reach me at cweillvietnam@yahoo.com.

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