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The Reclaimed Woodworker provides inspiration and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction for beginning and intermediate woodworkers who want to make well-built, stylish furniture and furnishings from reclaimed lumber. Featuring 21 projects ranging from the ever-popular sliding barn door to modern desks to chairs with vintage charm, each project is designed to use upcycled materials without sacrificing style. They are modern and fresh, but based on tried and true craftsmanship and technique. Through the use of beautiful photographs, inspired designs, and accessible building instructions, The Reclaimed Woodworker is a comprehensive guidebook to sourcing recycled lumber and using it to build your own furniture and furnishings. Because there is more to finding and using recycled lumber than tearing apart old pallets, you'll learn how to source environmentally conscious wood in unexpected places. The icing on the cake? Once you know how to find them, these materials often provide a cost savings over traditionally-sourced lumber. The Reclaimed Woodworker is a how-to book, but it's also a celebration of the creativity in reclaiming lumber and discovering the possibilities for using it in your home.

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Chris Gleason

Chris Gleason is the author of several books for the DIY market including Built-In Furniture for the Home, The Complete Kitchen Makeover, Complete Custom Closet, Old-School Workshop Accessories and Building Real Furniture for Everyday Life. He was raised on a farm in upstate New York. He has been raising chickens in his Salt Lake City backyard for over six years. He currently builds and sells chicken coops. He has owned Gleason Woodworking Studios for over 13 years.

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