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From the publisher of the bestselling cookbooks Instant Pot Obsession and The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook comes the first authorized Instant Pot cookbook for Indian cooking at home. It's tempting to dine out when you think about the endless steps and ingredients that it takes to make traditional dals and curries. Just ask Urvashi Pitre, best known as the "Butter Chicken lady," whose cooking philosophy consists of traditional flavors made with fewer ingredients and in less time. Urvashi simplifies a range of classic Indian dishes as well as childhood favorites so that anyone who loves Indian food and their Instant Pot can enjoy easy and fast meals any night of the week. This Instant Pot cookbook contains: 50 Quick and Easy Recipes requiring minimal ingredients and 60 minutes or less of prep and cook time Prep Advice for stocking your kitchen with the best tools and spices Instant Pot Guide making the most of your Instant Pot for delicious Indian dishes Handy Tips substituting ingredients for variations on your favorite recipes An Instant Pot cookbook with classic Indian recipes: Mango Chutney, Chickpea Salad, Lentils with Fried Onions, Palak Paneer, Mixed Vegetables with Coconut, Butter Chicken, Pork Saag, Carrot with Raisins, Indian Rice Pudding, and much more! Savor easy and delicious Indian cuisine with Urvashi's Indian Instant Pot cookbook.

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Urvashi Pitre

When I left India 30 years ago, I had $20, 2 suitcases, a scholarship for a US university and a head full of truly Indian recipes, passed down in my family. Fast forward to 2017 where I run my own global consulting firm, but have also answered the calling to share my personal story of how cooking and food changed my life - for the better. With the partnership of Instant Pot, I have combined the technique of pressure cooking with my family's recipes to give families healthier (and easier) ways to prepare meals.

My journey has been an amazing one. Traveling globally allows me to truly experience and respect everything an at home cook looks for: the right ingredients, shortcuts to prep and easy preparation with great reward. My personal goal is to share how Instant Pot has changed the way I cook for myself and my family, ingredients and how to's across all types of Indian dishes and using Instant Pot to enjoy family gatherings while also planning ahead for those with busy lives.

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