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Are you a baby boomer business professional struggling to make sense of the new digital era? This book is a travel guide designed to teach you how to build a successful social media marketing strategy. You ll learn that social media is a way to get in front of ideal prospects, to increase customer retention and loyalty, and to grow any business. It s fun to use social media to build your business when you have the right guide showing you the way. Everything you need to know is here, organized strategically so you end up with a personalized M.A.P. [Marketing Action Plan] to follow. You ll learn: Which six social media websites you should be using What to say and how to say it on social media sites to build a vibrant community that listens to your message How to identify your ideal prospects and how to find them on social media sites How to create and deliver content effectively How to develop a social media marketing strategy that fits your lifestyle and goals How to have fun on the journey while gaining mastery over the medium Like a travel guide, the book gives you a good overview of the social media destination, important insider tips to make your stay more enjoyable, and suggested itineraries to make travel easier as you become acclimated to the new environment.

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Kalynn Amadio

Kalynn Amadio - The Boomer Gal - is an author, speaker, and engineer, helping entrepreneurs over 50 who struggle with technology and feel like digital dinosaurs. She personally guides you across the technology bridge into the 21st century so you can build a thriving business and vibrant life. She is the host of ACT LOCAL Marketing for Small Business podcast and The Boomer's Ultimate Guide Podcast, both on iTunes.

As a Baby Boomer, online marketing consultant, engineer, lighting designer, Schnoodle owner, radio host, mom, and romance-novel-reading, third-degree black belt, Kalynn understands the busy life of a small business owner and tailors her guidance to help you make the best use of your time and talent while reaping the rewards of successful digital marketing.



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