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If you woke up with John Lanigan each weekday morning (along with hundreds of thousands of other Clevelanders) , you'll enjoy these personal tales from his forty-plus years in radio. Lanigan tells about breaking into the radio business while still in high school . . . Working his way up to the big time . . . The early days of talk radio . . . Wild and dangerous publicity stunts . . . Interviewing movie celebrities, politicians, and porn stars . . . Battling for ratings with fierce competitors . . . Broadcasting from some very remote locations . . . Hosting Prize Movie on TV . . . and more. From 1971 through today, John Lanigan has been a fixture on Cleveland's airwaves as a top-rated host on stations WGAR-AM, WMJI-FM, WTAM-AM, and WUAB-TV43. If you've ever enjoyed listening to Lanigan in the morning, this book is for you!.

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