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Every animal has a story.In ZOOBURBIA, urban naturalist Tai Moses launches a lively exploration into "the extraordinary, unruly, half-wild realm where human and animal lives overlap." The author's woodsy backyard at the base of the Oakland hills becomes a laboratory for encounters with a variety of animals, from deer, raccoons and squirrels to birds, lizards and feral cats. The more Moses learns about their natural histories, the more curious she becomes about their life histories--their stories. After a failed attempt at backyard farming, Moses turns her energies to wildlife gardening in an effort to restore some of the dwindling habitat that sustains our wild neighbors. A captivating blend of memoir, natural history and storytelling, illustrated with original linoleum block prints by Dave Buchen, Zooburbia is a magnifying lens turned to our everyday environment.

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Tai Moses

A journalist for more than two decades, Tai Moses has edited alternative newsweeklies in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas, and she is the former senior editor of the progressive news site AlterNet.org. Her articles and essays have been widely published in the independent press and her six-word memoir appears in "Not Quite What I Was Planning," the first of the popular six-word series.Tai grew up in Echo Park, a neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles known for its beautiful murals, proximity to Elysian Park, and steep hillsides navigable by zigzagging staircases. She hit the road at the age of 17, hitchhiking across the U.S. and Canada before ending up in Yosemite National Park where she lived for nearly two years. Before becoming a journalist, she held dozens of different jobs, including pet store clerk, motel maid, animal trainer's assistant, seasonal firefighter, and emergency medical technician.She lives in Oakland, California with her husband, one dog, and a number of cats. "Zooburbia," is her first book. It was inspired in part by the abundant wildlife in her Oakland backyard.

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