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"Last Call is the most deserving collection I have read in a long, long time and I am silenced for how splendid and days later my heart still aches from reading these powerful stories about the contrary lives of the beings we call human."
--Robert Olmstead, author of Far Bright Star, Coal Black Horse, and River Dogs

"In a stripped-down, elegant prose, Blair Oliver's collected short stories, Last Call, explores the disconnect between who we are, and who we believe we are; whether success or failure, child or parent, it is a process of discovery that uncovers the essential bits and pieces of what it means, finally, to be human. Told with a wry and lively wit, these stories range wide and hit hard. It's the rarest kind of treat-a collection you'll want to read and re-read."
--Claire Davis, author of Winter Range, Season of the Snake, and Labors of the Heart

"Last Call studies fathers, wives, husbands, and a geography that ranges from the Rocky Mountains to the pine barrens of coastal New Jersey. This is a collection of stories that hunts down the subject of marriage like a wary prey, circling it, repeating patterns with variations, observing both from a distance and up close. Blair Oliver captures the moments we fall out of love and its root causes in these beautiful and lean short stories."
--Brian Kiteley, author of Still Life with Insects, I Know Many Songs, But I Cannot Sing, and The 3 A.M. Epiphany

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