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NBC News "Top Science and Tech Books of the Year" selectionScientific American/FSG "Favorite Science Books of the Year" selectionNature.com "Top Reads of the Year" selectionKirkus Reviews "Best Books of the Year" selectionDiscover magazine "Top 5 Summer Read""A masterful balance of science, history and rich narrative." - Discover magazine"Hirshfeld tells this climactic discovery of the expanding universe with great verve and sweep, as befits a story whose scope, characters and import leave most fiction far behind." - Wall Street Journal"Starlight Detectives is just the sort of richly veined book I love to read - full of scientific history and discoveries, peopled by real heroes and rogues, and told with absolute authority.

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Alan Hirshfeld

Alan Hirshfeld is Professor of Physics at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and an Associate of the Harvard College Observatory. He received his undergraduate degree in astrophysics from Princeton University in 1973 and his Ph.D. in astronomy from Yale in 1978. His widely praised book, "Parallax: The Race to Measure the Cosmos," published in 2002 by Henry Holt & Co., chronicles the human stories involved in the centuries-long quest to measure the first distance to a star. His second book, "The Electric Life of Michael Faraday," published in 2006 by Walker & Co., describes the life and work of the 19th century scientist who developed the electric motor, electric generator, and many fundamental ideas about electricity, magnetism, and light. "Eureka Man: The Life and Legacy of Archimedes," published by Walker & Co. in 2009, was released in paperback in September 2010. Prof. Hirshfeld's "Astronomy Activity and Laboratory Manual," a collection of mathematical exercises for college astronomy courses, was published by Jones & Bartlett Learning in 2009. Recipient of second prize in the Templeton Foundation's international Power of Purpose essay competition and also a Griffith Observatory/Hughes Aircraft Co. national science writing award, Prof. Hirshfeld has lectured around the country about scientific history and discovery.

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