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Nat has a talent for sleeping all day long. Name any place in the house, and Nat can sleep in, on, under or sprawled over it. In fact, Nat is so devoted to slumber that the imaginative antics of a crazy kitten don t seem to bother him one bit, until... When the nighttime quiet falls, when strange shadows fill the halls... Now Nat is all fired up and ready to go! Will the kitten be able to keep up, or is it time for her to find the perfect place to settle down for a wee nap? Victoria Allenby s rhythmic verse perfectly accompanies Tara Anderson s irresistible art. Cat lovers young and old will delight in this not-quite-ready-for-bedtime treat.

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Victoria Allenby

Victoria Allenby grew up in a small Ontario town where she climbed trees, scraped her knees, and wrote down everything that happened to her. Usually in verse. As a young woman she moved to Toronto to study English and continued to write things down; one of those things was a poem called "Nat the Cat Can Sleep Like That," which was acquired by Pajama Press and turned into a picture book. Victoria dreams of never growing up to become anything, and much prefers eternal childhood, thank you very much. She lives with Cole, her muse and handler, who enjoys catnip mice, belly rubs, and - most of all - naps.

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