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Plants take centre stage in this beautiful book from award-winning chef Richard Buckley. With over 70 mouth-watering recipes, ranging from the simple to the stand-out, Plants Taste Better will guide and inspire you to make even the most knobbly and overlooked of ingredients shine.

Richard is the chef proprietor of the award-winning Acorn Restaurant in Bath, which is often mentioned as amongst the world's top vegetarian eateries. Current vegan cookbooks rarely address finer cuisine the way traditional cookbooks present preparing meats. With his focus exclusively on vegetable cookery, Richard is well-placed to provide you with the traditional and modrn techniques to advance your skills in the kitchen.

Delicious, thoughtful recipes and stunning images will persuade even the most carnivorous that plants can, and should, be at the centre of our plates.

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Richard Buckley

Richard Buckley is a freelance writer and editor as well as being a chartered accountant. In addition to his poetry he has written short stories, children's books, and on business and professional subjects. He worked in New York for five years and has also travelled in North and South America, Central Asia and Europe. At the time of writing 'The Dutiful Penguin' he was living in Gloucestershire, married to his Austrian-born wife Elfie and their two sons, Sebastian and Benedict.

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