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The best athletes must demonstrate dedication and stamina on and off the field, and athletic prowess comes in many forms. From the racetrack to the gymnasium, The Athletic Aesthetic explores the eroticism of sport, as toned and limber athletes prove that they are at the very peak of their performance!

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Vanessa Wu

I was born in Fuzhou, China and came to England by way of Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I lost a boyfriend along the way and gained a very dear friend who is now my flatmate in London. I work at a legal firm during the day but I usually start my morning very early, around 5 or 6, writing. I have always loved English books and was lucky enough to be surrounded by them as a child thanks to my father's status as an army surgeon, which gave him privileged access to books and music. My favourite authors are the ones I read as a child, which were mainly the English classics, Dickens, Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, George Eliot, Somerset Maugham, and many others. I like the romances of Sir Walter Scott but I find them harder to read now than when I was a child. I don't understand that. There are many things in life I don't understand. Romance, for example. But I love learning and finding out about new things. I am just starting to write erotica and I'm still discovering the possibilities of the genre. It has been thoroughly enjoyable so far and I'm looking forward to sharing my discoveries with the world. Or just a few people. Depending.

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