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Trusted surgeon. Loving wife. Murderer?. Before my world came crashing down, I had it all. The successful career I dreamed of. The beautiful red-brick home where I could relax in front of the fire. The handsome, devoted husband whose blue eyes and charming smile always made me feel safe.. As I call time of death, my voice is steady. My colleagues stand hushed around me, their eyes on me, confused, concerned.. I have never lost a patient until today.. My hands tremble inside their gloves. I slide down the cold tiled walls, my heart racing in my chest.. I have never hated a patient until today.. But what choice did I have, once I recognized him?. And what will I do to protect myself, if someone learns the truth?. A totally gripping psychological thriller that will have you racing through the pages, gasping for breath until the final jaw-dropping twist.

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