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From the Emmy Award-winning writer of Avenue 5, Veep and The Thick of It comes a funny, violent and thought-provoking horror story like nothing you've seen before.Ricky Smart is a nobody, a Miami Beach paparazzo who scrapes a living snapping celebs. One day Ricky wakes up and realises there's something wrong with his hand. It's not his hand. In fact, it's someone else's hand. How does he know it's not his? Because it looks different, feels different and - perhaps the biggest clue - has a four-letter word tattooed across the knuckles. But hey, it's still a hand, and it works just fine, so that's ok. Except a week later, his other hand changes. And a few days after that, Ricky gets a new arm ... Ricky is losing his mind as well as his body parts, but he has to pay rent and those seedy photos aren't going to take themselves.

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David Quantick

"David Quantick is one of the best kept secrets in the world of writing. He's smart, funny and unique. You should let yourself in on the secret." - Neil GaimanDavid Quantick is an Emmy-winning writer who has written for Veep, The Thick Of It, Avenue 5 and many other shows. NIGHT TRAIN is his second novel for Titan.Links to his work, including free downloadable short stories, can be found at his website, www.davidquantick.com.

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