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The number one rule, right after survival comes trust, and then respect. Mac Willis is twenty-five-years-old and he lived by these rules. For appearances, he worked at Chrysler Assembly Plant with his younger brother Sada and his cousin Maine. The three of them were tight and were hired hitmen. If the price was right, they would take care of any problem, rob any enemy or set up anybody. Unfortunately, living by the street code didn't stop the reckless and unpredictable lifestyle they chose to live to catch up to them.Hazel Monroe is a twenty-year-old- girl that grew up privileged in an suburban area in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hazel had always been labeled as stuck up and bougie because of her beauty and because of the way she dressed. But those opinions were the furthest thing from the truth. Outside of her family the only person who truly knows her is her best friend Alyssa.Just dumped her cheating ex Kahlil, Hazel moves to Detroit to be closer to Alyssa and to start her new job as junior head chef in at a five-star restaurant. Things are looking good but they get even more interesting when she meets Mac. He is everything that Hazel has never had but in her perfect life she comes to find out that he was just what she needed. In this fiery, page turning novel murder, betrayal, love, lies, and secrets are at an all-time high. Question is, at the end of it all, will Alyssa and Hazel fall hard for their Detroit hitta's? Or will the guys' dangerous lifestyles prove to be too much for the young women?

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Londyn Lenz

Hey! My name is Londyn Lenz and I am 29yrs old. I am from Detroit, MI and since I was a child I have enjoyed reading. I started with Goosebumps and baby sitters club. when I was 15yrs old I read my first urban-fiction book and I have been obsessed ever since. I used to read Norie, Sister Souljah and Wahida Clark. My mother use to always laugh because my face was forever stuck in a book. I always wanted to write but I was afraid to take that step into making it happen. I would jot down character names and plots about what I wanted to be in my book. Moving forward and making this dream a reality was one of my greatest decisions. I am now in school for creative writing. I hope to take this writing career as far as I possibly can.
I appreciate every single reader who decides to give me a try and read my books. Rather you enjoy it or not I still thank you and love you for supporting me and welcoming Londyn Lenz into your world

Facebook: Andrea Londyn Lenz Taylor
email: londyn_lenz@yahoo.com

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