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General Arika Cobane, beloved leader of the worker rebellion, makes a bold - but illegal - move to ensure the people's freedom. When her scheme fails and her co-conspirator hangs for treason, Arika - overworked and overwrought - blacks out.When she awakens, everything has changed.She's been stripped of her rank and power and the new leader of the Kongo, Kira Swan, is a charismatic traitor bent on consigning the Kongo under the guise of peace.Desperate, Arika reunites with Hosea Kahn and seeks treatment for her blackouts at the Compound, deep in the deadly Obi forest. Arika is determined to regain her influence, stop Kira Swan, and continue leading the Kongo to freedom, but time is running out and she's still ill. Control is slipping from her fingers.

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