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Impossible Truths showcases the classic, provocative von Däniken theories for a new generation. For more than four decades, Erich von Däniken has been elaborating his astounding thesis that the inhabitants of other planets have kept in contact with humanity since the earliest times and that they are still communicating with us today.In this book he presents new eyewitness proof of extraterrestrial activity, as well as evidence from expert informants that has remained secret until now. He also highlights the findings of new research that he has been able to undertake as previously inaccessible areas have opened up, such as the jungle city of Buritaca in Colombia.It was once thought that only the ancient Nazca people of Peru scraped gigantic images in the ground.

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Erich von Däniken

Erich von Däniken is arguably the most widely read and most-copied nonfiction author in the world. He published his first (and best-known) book, Chariots of the Gods, in 1968. It was a worldwide best-seller and has been followed by 31 more books. Von Däniken's ideas have been the inspiration for a wide range of TV series, including the History Channel's hit Ancient Aliens. He lives in Switzerland but is an ever-present figure on the international lecture circuit.

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