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Google apps are an amazing set of online tools for word processing, spreadsheets, email, storage and more, accessible online, on mobile and across multiple locations. Learn how to make the best of this cloud-based offer, with its deep integrations with the world's most popular search engine, Google (!) , Youtube and Google Plus. Most of us are used to using our desktop or laptop applications so the idea of working online, on any computer, or device, without being tied to a particular machine seems rather mind-bending. In fact, once you understand the structure and the logic of it you'll see that Google Apps release your thinking and allow you to focus on your work, or project more effectively than ever. The Everyday Guides, Made Easy series are plain speaking books covering a wide ranging of application and device technologies, designed to ease the challenges of the world around us.

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Chris Smith

Among Chris' other passions are international travel. He's been to all seven continents (including the one with penguins) , all of the New 7 Wonders of the World, and lots of countries in between. He now lives in the Seattle area.

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