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Muslim pilgrims travel to a wide variety of places, not only the holy cities of Mecca and Karbala. Around the world there are countless sacred sites, including the graves of important historical and religious individuals, the tombs of saints, and natural sites such as mountaintops and springs. All of these places are located within an Islamic universe that is present with the spirit of Allah and holds the promise of barakat - the blessings that pilgrims often seek.Challenging the simplistic presentations of Islamic pilgrimage existent in much of the scholarship, Dr. Sophia Rose Arjana explores the diverse traditions practiced by the 1.7 billion Muslims across the world. Issues such as time, space, tourism, virtual pilgrimages, and the use of computers and smartphone apps all come under consideration in this wide-ranging study.

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Sophia Rose Arjana

Dr. Sophia Rose Arjana has published work on several subjects in the study of Islam, including pilgrimage, Islamophobia, and Orientalism. Two of these contributions include an article in Shi'a Studies, a journal published by the Centre for Islamic Shi'a Studies in London, and an article in ARTS: The Journal of the Society of Arts in Religion and Theological Studies. She has also published a book chapter on the trope of "Turning Turk" in Orientalist discourse, which looks at the role of race in Western discourse about Islam. In addition, she has several encyclopedia articles in print on Islamic subjects. Her first book, Muslims in the Western Imagination (Oxford University Press) , examines the history of anti-Muslim rhetoric in Europe and North America. Her latest book is a study of Islamic pilgrimage - Pilgrimage in Islam: Traditional and Modern Practices -- published by OneWorld in 2017. In the Fall of 2017, her third book will be published, a study of Muslim female superheroes in graphic narratives including Ms. Marvel and Qahera.

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