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Minnie has had a bad day at school. Some children made fun of her looks, and she wishes she was more like them.Max, Minnie's dog, wishes he looked different too. And he doesn't understand why Grandma doesn't like his singing!When Grandma sees that Minnie and Max aren't OK, she takes them to the park. There, they see lots of children and dogs - all with different shapes, sizes, colours and special traits. If they all looked the same, would it be better or worse?Body image is an increasingly important issue for young children. This beautifully illustrated, confidence-boosting book will help encourage children aged 3-7 to celebrate their strengths and embrace diversity. Included are questions that adults can ask to see how children relate to Minnie and Max's thoughts and feelings.

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Chris Calland

Originally an English teacher and behaviour specialist, Chris Calland is now an education consultant for 'Not Just Behaviour' offering support, advice and training to schools and parents on all aspects of social emotional and psychological development. Since 2009 she has also worked nationally to promote body confidence and self -esteem in young people.

She co-wrote 'Body Image in the Primary School' with her colleague, Nicky Hutchinson which was the first book of its kind for teachers of primary aged children. It provides advice for schools and lesson plans to help build resilience and body confidence in young children. In 2012 she was thrilled when this book won the Government Body Image Education Award. She passionately believes that parents and educators have a duty to explicitly teach young children to feel confident about their bodies. It's important to start young, to inform and empower at an early stage so they are resilient to the pressures as they get older.

Chris's children's book 'Minnie and Max are OK' is aimed at 3 - 7 year olds . As well as offering a fun story that children can enjoy, it also allows parents and teachers the opportunity to start a conversation about positive body image.
Chris has really enjoyed creating the characters of Minnie and Max and watching them come to life through the illustrators wonderful pictures... hopefully Minnie and Max will go on to have more adventures in the future!

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