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The curses are getting worse. The curse-breaking workshop hasn't exactly turned out how Molly and her friends had hoped. And now something is going wrong with the way curses work. The team need to find the Promise Keeper who controls all curses, but the Keeper is guarded by Atacama the sphinx and his riddle. The five friends set off on a quest that takes them past the misty giant grey men of the mountains, to spar with an ancient snake and battling terrifying Nuckelavee. Can they discover what's wrong with the Promise Keeper and stop the world of curses from spinning out of control? Magic, adventure and danger collide in the second dramatic book of this brilliant new fantasy adventure trilogy by award-winning author Lari Don.

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Lari Don

I'm a children's writer based in Scotland, and most of my fiction is inspired by the Scottish landscape and local legends. I love writing fantasy adventures for 8 - 12 year olds, but I also love creating stories for other age groups. I've said goodbye to the characters in my Fabled Beast Chronicles series, and am very excited about the new adventure I've been writing, the Spellchasers Trilogy. I've been trying out different genres too, and have recently published Mind Blind, a YA thriller set in Scotland and London. I've written several picture books, including one about bottoms (which I enjoy reading to infant classes!) and I've written retellings of myths for older readers, including a collection of my favourite Scottish legends and folklore called Breaking the Spell. I read a lot of non-fiction, because a lot of my fictional ideas are inspired by folklore and history. I also read a lot of children's fiction, because kids get all the best stories! And sometimes I remember how old I am, and read books for adults. I also love discussing books, and answering queries about my books and stories, so please do get in touch. You can chat to me here on , or through my own website, , or follow me on Twitter @LariDonWriter, or find me on Facebook: . Have fun reading!

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