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Adorable animal friends to crochet for children of all ages. A world away from mass-produced plush toys, Emma Brown's hand-crocheted creations live on the make-believe island of Shady Bay. The animals all have their part to play in island life. Ronnie the bear is the Ranger on Shady Bay and he takes his rucksack and cozy scarf whenever he goes on his outdoor adventures. Archie and Boris are two crafty canine brothers and together they build the homes for the other animals on the island. There's Whimsie the bunny with a wild imagination and Breeze the owl who swoops high amongst the trees gathering the midnight fruit for the other animals. With 25 gorgeous patterns suitable for beginners through to experienced crafters, you're sure to find a unique toy in Crocheted Bears and Other Animals that will spark a child's imagination and become a firm friend for life.

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Emma Brown

Emma Brown learned to knit at her grandmother's feet. There were many summers that she and her parents stayed with their grandparents for weeks, and every day, Emma would sit beside her grandmother, untangling her yarn and learning how to crochet - first, a little hat for her stuffed dog, and then one for her father, and by the age of ten, she was crocheting full-size afghans as Christmas presents for her family. She discovered knitting along the way.
The older Emma got, the more about knitting and crocheting she learned, making it a point to find the most complicated and tedious patterns she could and bringing them to her grandmother during the summer. Together they would figure them out, and then, soon, Emma did not need her grandmother's help with the patterns any more, and they could just sit side by side and crochet.
Emma Brown's knowledge of knitting and crocheting is more extensive than most and was built by trial and error - so she knows what really works for someone who is first starting to learn or who wants to progress from the basics to more advanced patterns and techniques. She has started crocheting circle in just about every city she's lived in, passing her knowledge on to others, before deciding to write a book that would encompass the entirety of experience and expertise.

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