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Books in this series will each examine Canadian technology as it relates to sustainability and stewardship. Books will describe what is happening in Canada today as well as provide a look forward into the future of these technologies.

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James Bow

I was born in downtown Toronto on April 19, 1972 and lived there until my folks moved up to Kitchener in 1991 so I could attend the University of Waterloo. I've lived in Kitchener ever since. I've been trained as an urban planner, and I've worked as a database manager, web designer, circulation manager, administrative assistant, layout designer and office manager. The one consistent thing about my varied academic and professional career has been a love of writing.

I love to write and I love to read. I especially love to write and read stories set in the young adult years when everything seems big and wonderful (and sometimes frustrating and frightening) and where the greatest achievement is growing up and conquering yourself. This has been a consistent element of a number of my fiction books.

To learn more about me and my writing, please visit my website: http://bowjamesbow.ca/

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