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A whirlwind romp through everyday science, perfect for fans of How Stuff Works, Stuff You Should Know and Netflix's Explained.In this quirky and endlessly surprising book, scientist and award-winning YouTuber Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim tells us about the amazing science behind everyday things (like drinking water,) and not-so-everyday things (like space travel and baby dinosaurs) . Come along for the ride of a lifetime!Perfect for armchair scientists: a wide range of information means readers will never get bored.Told over the course of a single day: Mai shows the scientific reactions that occur from morning to bedtime.Quirky illustrations: break up the text and help readers visualize scientific reactions.Surprising facts: learn why an alarm clock triggers fight-or-flight, what alcohol does to our bodies (and minds) , and the science behind the term "love drunk" (plus so much more) .

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