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One summer,after a long plane rideand a rotten bad yearI went to Grandma Jo's.It was my mother's idea.Jett, what you need is a change of scenery.I think she needed a change of scenery, too.One without me.Because that rotten bad year?That was my fault.Thus begins the poignant story, told in free verse, of eleven-year-old Jett. Last year, Jett and his mother had moved to a new town for a fresh start after his father went to jail. But Jett soon learned that fresh starts aren't all they're cracked up to be. When he befriended a boy with a difficult home life, Jett found himself in a cycle of bad decisions that culminated in the betrayal of a friend - a shameful secret he still hasn't forgiven himself for. Will a summer spent with his unconventional grandmother help Jett find his way to redemption?Writing in artfully crafted free-verse vignettes, Heather T.

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Heather Smith

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