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"Magnificent in its breadth and illustration." -- Booklist Dinosaurus was published in 2003 and went on to sell 15,000 in hardcover and more in paperback. Now 13 years have passed during which there have been dozens of discoveries. At the same price and fully revised, this edition of Dinosaurus is simply too exceptional a value to pass up. Many incredible discoveries made 2015 a banner year. For example: Yi qi ("ee chee", "strange wing") , the earliest known flying non-avian dinosaur The "Chicken from Hell," a bird-like beaked, clawed and feathered dinosaur that roamed the Dakotas Zhenyuanlong suni, a cousin of Velociraptor, suggests that this family has been inaccurately depicted. The new 5-foot-long dino more resembles a feathered poodle than the brute of Jurassic Park.

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Steve Parker

Originally hailing from the rainswept land of the Picts, Steve Parker now sleeps, eats, trains and writes in Tokyo, Japan. His published novels include Rebel Winter, Gunheads, and Rynn's World, and work on a fourth novel, Deathwatch, is currently underway for a 2012 release. Steve's short fiction can be found in the following anthologies/e-magazines:'The Falls of Marakross' in Tales from the Dark Millennium'Mercy Run' in Planetkill/Hammer of the Emperor'The Citadel' in The Imperial Guard Omnibus Volume One'Headhunted' in Heroes of the Space Marines'Exhumed' in Victories of the Space Marines/Hammer and Bolter Issue 2'Survivor' in Hammer and Bolter Issue 9He is a member of both The International Association of Media Tie-in Writers (IAMTW) and The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) . In his free time, enjoys bodybuilding, martial arts, vegetarian food, and supporting wildlife conservation.

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