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A rare look at the southern skies' greatest glories depicting 71 Deep Sky Objects photographed by Dieter Willasch and described in detail by Auke Slotegraaf. The text and pictures are laid out season by season, and accompanied by 15 easy-to-use full-color location charts.

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Auke Slotegraaf

Auke Slotegraaf is a psychohistorian (the mathematical modelling of human behaviour) with a passion for the deep-sky. He is the director of the Deep-Sky Section of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa, one of their honorary members, and the editor of the Sky Guide, the astronomical handbook for southern Africa. His personal homepage is www.psychohistorian.org and his deep-sky website is www.docdb.net. When not contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos, he plays Dungeons & Dragons.

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