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A step-by-step guide to answering your kids' toughest questions "When people die, where do they go?""Why is her skin darker than mine?""But how does the baby get in there?"Don't panic. While we know that the first step to connecting deeply with our kids is being able to communicate, empathize, and answer their biggest queries, what do you do when that tricky-to-answer question comes out of the blue? Sometimes we just don't know what to say, so we simply change the subject or give a quick, throwaway answer -- and hope it doesn't come up again. Dr. Robyn Silverman, host of the How to Talk to Kids About Anything Parenting Podcast, gets it. A child development specialist and mom, she'll stick with you every step of the way. In this book, Dr.

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Robyn Silverman

Dr. Robyn Silverman is a leading expert in body image, self-esteem, and character/personal development who appears regularly on national television and radio including; The CBS Early Show, The Tyra Show, Fox News, Nightline, and more.An award-winning columnist and writer as well as a professional speaker and success coach, she believes that girls and young women are assets to be developed, not deficits to be managed.Dr. Robyn is known to tell her audiences that "It's not the glass ceiling that's preventing us from rising but rather our own self limiting thoughts telling us we are not pretty enough, thin enough, or good enough to assume our rightful place in the world; on top!"Living in New Jersey with her family, she has been the content consultant for 17 books for middle schoolers and writes a character education/leadership curriculum called Powerful Words for after-school programs around the world.Her most recent book, Good Girls Don't Get Fat: How Weight Obsession is Messing Up Our Girls and How We Can Help Them Thrive Despite It, is based on her passion to help all girls and women reach their potential, highlight their strengths, and rally the adults, role models, and leaders in the world to tell them that they are beautiful and enough just the way they are.Visit her websites at http://www.DrRobynSilverman.com and http://www.GoodGirlsDontGetFat.com

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