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CRY EDEN continues the saga of Noah Greenspan, a young and successful Jewish businessman, and his Palestinian-American wife, Alexandra Salaman, a rising-star journalist in Washington, DC.Rich in historical detail, Cry Eden is a story about the power of love challenged by the stresses and tensions of age-old animosities. War, economic crisis in America, and terrorists plotting unspeakable revenge against Alexandra all converge in this page-turner of historical fiction."Cry Eden," a riveting read, was preceded by "The Eden Legacy" and "Heirs of Eden," and concludes the Eden trilogy. The trilogy follows Noah and Alexandra and their families over a period of twenty-five years. They are years filled with drama, tension and conflict as Noah and Alexandra fall in love as teenagers and face the heartache of love forbidden by their respective cultures and centuries of ethnic and religious conflict.

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Harold Gershowitz

Harold Gershowitz is a retired businessman, lecturer, former adjunct college instructor, and award-winning author of Remember This Dream, a Chicago Tribune bestseller and winner of the 1989 Friends of Literature Award for Fiction. A prolific essayist, and strongly committed to community, Mr. Gershowitz has been honored with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humane Letters from the Catholic Theological Union of North America, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Anti Defamation League. Mr. Gershowitz has served on many public interest and community boards including the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, the Goodman Theater and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Illinois, and the McCallum Center for the Performing Arts and the Barbara Sinatra Center for Abused Children in Palm Desert, California.

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