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Everybody thinks they're a boss until they're put to the test. Londyn Daniels has had more than her share of heartbreak and not much luck when it comes to love. Now that she's pregnant and her baby daddy wants nothing to do with her, she's done with relationships until a mistake from her past turns into her dream come true. Or her nightmare. Kevin "Mayhem" Bell is on top. Being the boss is what he and his best friend do best; from his women to his business. What the boss wants, the boss gets. Including Londyn. But you know what they say. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. And Mayhem's truth could really hurt Londyn. Caryn Lee is on her way to the top... of her own baller list. Her philosophy in life is to take what she wants and worry about the consequences later.

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First Lady K

Hello wonderful readers! I am that chic, Ms. Thicker Than a Snicker, the Texas girl in a North Carolina world! CEO of First Lady K Presents; a publishing company envisioning success at its finest; I am First Lady K. I am originally from Dallas, Texas and now reside in Greensboro, North Carolina where I have lived since 2003.
I am married to a wonderful man and we have 3 wonderful and imaginative little boys who I adore and will do anything for. I am a graduate of Bennett College for Women with a Bachelor of Arts, Liberty University with a Masters of Human Services Counseling.
I am a member of the WONDERFUL Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Spring 2005, and also an Iota Sweetheart representing the brothers of the Brown & Gold. I began writing when I was a little girl, starting with short stories and poems, and one day I decided to write a book. I used the experiences that I went through as a child to incorporate them into my writing. Writing is my outlet and way to express myself and I am a very expressive person. I have many ideas and stories that I cant WAIT to put on paper for you the fans to enjoy. So sit back and chill....there's a lot more ink in this pen.

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