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The concluding volume of the international bestseller and winner of many of Europe's top comics awards, now available in English for the first time.The Age of Disenchantment is the second of two volumes presenting the complete Alack Sinner comics by the Argentine-born team of artist Jos Muoz and writer Carlos Sampayo. Hard-boiled private detective Alack Sinner's adventures wear all the trappings of traditional detective stories, but are imbued with such deep political conscience and scathing critiques of corruption in society, that to think of them as nothing more would be a grave error. Juxtaposed with meditations on the nature of violence and exile in a noirish New York at the end of the 20th century, these themes force us to confront the gritty injustices of our real world, making them as evident as the grime and desperation that pervade traditional detective fiction.

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Carlos Sampayo

Escritor y guionista, es autor de novelas, relatos cortos, poesía y guiones de historieta y cine. Además es especialista en jazz, tema sobre el que ha publicado ensayos y ficciones, y dirigido y coordinado enciclopedias. Su obra ha sido ampliamente publicada en América y en Europa. En 1974, conoció a su compatriota José Muñoz, con el que comenzó a dar vida al célebre detective Alack Sinner. Sampayo ha colaborado con Igort en una biografía en historieta de Fats Waller, y con Oscar Zárate, en los libros «Tres artistas en París», «Fly blues» y «La faille».Writer best known for his work in comics, particularly in collaboration with artist José Muñoz. He is also poet and a literature and music (particularly Jazz) critic. He left Argentina in the early 70s for political reasons, stayed in Italy, France and settled in Spain

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