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There are dinosaurs, murder fantasies, and secret wars in this collection of short comics stories.Compulsive Comics collects the very best of Eric Haven's singular brand of inverted-comic-book-consciousness and genre-bending short stories. "The Glacier" is about a lone scientist making a startling discovery. The volume's most controversial story, "I Killed Dan Clowes," is an epic conflation of autobio and fantasy. While driving around Oakland, ruminating on the history of underground comics in the Bay Area, the main character fatally hits acclaimed graphic novelist Daniel Clowes, and the absurdity only escalates from there. Black & white illustrations with some color.

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Eric Haven

The comic art of Eric Haven was forged in the icy wastes of Syracuse, NY, and reconstituted in the fecund mental loam of the San Francisco Bay Area. His inky, rubbery drawings buttress story riffs which may otherwise collapse under the weight of their own bleak, black, absurdist humor. He's worked as a security guard; in a Japanese sake factory; at Industrial Light Magic; and on the TV show MythBusters, where he is a three-time Emmy nominated Producer. His book UR was recently nominated for an Eisner Award.

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