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Link Whitman has settled into the role of bachelor without everintending to. Now hes stuck in a dead-end job and, as the next Whitmanwedding fast approaches, he is the last one standing. The pressure fromhis sisters efforts to play matchmaker is getting hard to bear as Linkpulls extra shifts at work, and helps his parents at the Chicory Inn.. All her life, Shayla Michaels has felt as if she straddled two worlds.Her mothers white family labeled her African American father with namesShayla didnt repeat in polite--well, in any company. Her fathersfamily disapproved as well, though they eventually embraced Shayla astheir own. After the death of her mother, and her brother Jerrysincarceration, life has left Shaylas father bitter, her niece, Portia,an orphan, and Shayla responsible for them all. She knows God loves themall, but why couldnt people accept each other for what was on theinside? For their hearts?. Everything changes one icy morning when a child runs into the street andLink nearly hits her with his pickup. Soon he is falling in love withthe little girls aunt, Shayla, the beautiful woman who runs CoffeesOn, the bakery in Langhorne. Can Shayla and Link overcome societys viewof their differences and find true love? Is there hope of changing thesometimes-ugly world around them into something better for them all?

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Deborah Raney

DEBORAH RANEY's first novel, A Vow to Cherish, inspired the World Wide Pictures film of the same title and launched Deb's writing career. She has now written more than forty books, including novels for imprints of Random House, Simon & Schuster, and HarperCollins. Deb is on the board of the 2500-member American Christian Fiction Writers and teaches at writers conferences around the country. Her novels have won RWA's RITA Award, the ACFW Carol Award, the National Readers Choice Award, and the HOLT Medallion. She is also a three-time Christy Award finalist. Deb is a recent Missouri transplant, having moved with her husband, Ken Raney, from their native Kansas to be closer to kids and grandkids. They love road trips, Friday garage sale dates, and breakfast on the screened porch overlooking their wooded backyard. Visit Deb on the Web at www.deborahraney.com.FROM THE AUTHOR: I went from full-time stay-at-home mom for 20-plus years to full-time author. My passion is my family - my husband and I have four kids and ten darling grandkids. But since, if a mom does her job right, she eventually puts herself OUT of a job, I'm delighted to have discovered a "next" career that I love.My first love is fiction and I have written more than forty books and contributed to several anthologies. The third and final book of my Chandler Sisters Novels series released in September 2020 and in January Raney Day Press, which has released most of my backlist, published my first indie novel, Bridges.A typical writing day for me begins early - usually before 5 a.m. - with the business side of things: answering e-mail and reader mail, writing blog posts, reading for research. Our routine is much quieter now than when we had four kids at home! When my writing time begins each day, I have a routine that sets the stage: lighting scented candles, choosing music to write by, and brewing a perfect cup of coffee. I have a cozy office that looks out over our front yard, but I much prefer to take my laptop out to the back screened porch overlooking our woods where the deer, birds, squirrels, groundhogs, raccoons, and bunnies provide inspiration and entertainment.As much as I enjoy the actual process of writing, I am an extrovert by nature, and doubt I'd have lasted long in this business were it not for the company of several wonderful online writers' groups, connecting with other authors at retreats and conventions, and meeting aspiring writers whenever my husband and I teach at conferences around the country.Ken and I started road-tripping in 2018 and we recently bought a 1998 Chinook camper and took an awesome three-week trip through the southeastern coastal states, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and back home through Tennessee. Probably the most exciting event in my writing life so far was having my first novel made into a movie by World Wide Pictures. Certainly a dream come true for any author, and I feel blessed beyond words to still get

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