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Hands-off, all-in-one-pot meals for the electric pressure cooker

Forget to take the chicken out of the freezer? Didn't think to put on the water to boil when you walked in the door? Ready to pour some cereal into a bowl and call it good? Wait! With your new multicooker, pressure cooker, or Instant Pot®, a one dish meal can be ready in minutes. Just dump in the six (or fewer) ingredients, and walk away with just enough time to set the table. Enjoy basic comfort food meals -- made much quicker and less labor-intensive than the traditional cooking methods -- such as:

Rotini + sausage + tomato sauce (jarred) = All-in-One Pasta Bake

Chicken (frozen!) + rice + carrots + peas + cream cheese = Creamy Chicken & Rice

Includes 75 recipes, with ideas for mixing and matching, using meats and veggies right from the freezer, and much more!

75 color photographs

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